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The IFS Fixed Income Advisory team provides products and strategies to differentiate your practice from your competitors and improve fixed income results for your clients.

Range of Services

We offer a full range of fixed income services working with individual bonds on the municipal and corporate side, agency and mortgage securities. With a full-service trading desk, we are able to provide individual securities that are among the most competitive yields in the industry. The range of service not only includes bond offerings, but strategies for fixed income that include rolling down the yield curve and looking at ‘kicker’ bonds, as well as helping to identify where the most value is in the marketplace. Additionally, we look to implement secondary market closed-end funds as a part of a tactical strategy to provide full diversification for fixed income investors. The IFS Fixed Income Advisory team has more than a decade of experience with closed-end strategies using proprietary premium/discount models and individual fund analysis to identify an ongoing buy list of funds to recommend to clients.


Our Fixed Income Advisory team has more than 15 years of experience as “the Advisors’ Advisor,” working directly with independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). It is often overlooked that small is good in the fixed income market, meaning that there are inefficiencies in pricing for both individual bonds and closed-end funds and the team at IFS has the experience to use these inefficiencies for your clients advantage.


To learn more about how we can work for you, contact our team at 470-881-8525.