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Alex McKenzie, President & CEO of IFS Securities, was a featured speaker recently at Jamaica’s Visionaries’ Summit, a think tank for business luminaries held in Kingston, Jamaica. Purpose of the forum was to drive a paradigm shift in the economic outlook of the Caribbean.


The three-day Visionaries’ Summit featured insights from global leaders through keynotes, fireside chats and expert panels to promote Jamaica’s global economic renaissance.


McKenzie was a panelist for a session titled, “Future Proofing – Technology & Global Finance,” that looked at business models and tools to revolutionize the global finance industry.


“Technology can be an equalizer for companies. In my organization, for example, international finance could be a limitation, but today’s software can help us identify international money and verify the origin,” McKenzie explained. “Fintech-type products available now can help firms like IFS play on a field that was previously limited to bigger banks. As we continue to grow as a firm and hit critical mass, we’ll lean on fintech companies to plug in services and integrate,” he added.