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IFS Securities, an Atlanta-based full-service independent broker-dealer, has signed an agreement with EQIS Capital Management to enhance its menu of fee-based advisory services available to financial advisors.

A growing number of advisors are joining IFS, supporting the national footprint of advisors affiliated with the firm. IFS is committed to helping advisors build their practice through a variety of resources, including having asset management partners such as EQIS who provide best-in-class separately managed account platforms.

“We looked at several turnkey asset management platforms and found EQIS to be ideal. We like that they offer tactical as well as strategic managers and that an advisor can choose the managers and allocations or leave that up to EQIS. The platform is comprehensive, yet simple to use, the fees are competitive and the hands-on support provided by the EQIS Regional Business Consultants is invaluable,” said Todd Newton, IFS director of business development.  

Among the features of the EQIS Wealth Management platform are:

 • Two Unified Managed Account (UMA) solutions:  Oracle Series Highest Conviction Portfolios that are built to be globally opportunistic, forward looking, and the “best ideas” of participating managers or the Advisor-Directed UMA;
• Diversification across up to 21 asset classes (including tactical and strategic managers);
• Separately managed accounts, managed ETFs, and UMAs (with up to 10 money managers for hyper-diversification, tax efficiency and fee transparency) with a 25,000 minimum to build compelling proposals; and
• Robust performance reporting, a free CRM, asset aggregation for accounts held away, and a complimentary Concierge Service to process client proposals and open accounts.

“We are happy to be working with IFS Securities because they share our vision of a reinvented business model that maximizes technology to build rep- and client-friendly investment solutions,” commented Dave O’Rourke, EQIS chief distribution officer.

 “As we continue to grow our sales force, we believe EQIS will be an invaluable partner in providing vital tools, training, operational and marketing support to attract advisors and help them increase assets under management,” Newton added.