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International Financial Solutions, an Atlanta-based full-service independent broker-dealer, recently rebranded to IFS Securities, Inc., to better reflect the firm’s direction nearly 20 years after its founding.

As a full-service independent broker-dealer who understands retail and wholesale advisory networks as well as global capital markets, IFS Securities has achieved strong growth in the last five years on both sides of their business.  The firm has a growing national presence of 32 offices in 17 states and Puerto Rico. 

In addition to a new brand name and logo, IFS Securities’ rebranding included adopting a tagline, “The Art of Independent Thinking,” which captures the spirit of its mission.  The mission of IFS Securities is to inspire advisors and clients to dream bigger, see more opportunities and achieve their financial goals.

“IFS Securities values the art of independent thinking,” explains IFS Securities President and CEO Alex McKenzie. “We know what it takes to support independent advisors as they build their own businesses and to deliver investment insights for institutional clients,” McKenzie continues. 

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1993, the firm became a member of FINRA in 1996.  McKenzie became owner of the firm in 2007.  In addition to FINRA, the firm is also a member of MSRB and SIPC.