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Equity Research

IFS Research Analysts Provide Independent Opinions

The IFS Equity Research Group analyzes markets, securities and economics to provide insights and analysis for our clients. Our research process and methodology are somewhat unique in the independent broker-dealer industry.

We use an open-source approach to discover ideas and convert them into living research and actionable investment recommendations. This process includes communicating and exchanging research and insights with internal analysts and external collaborators (such as investment research specialists, theme developers, academics and industry thought leaders).

Equity Research Services

Services provided by our Equity Research Group include:

  • Market analysis
  • Theme reports
  • Proprietary daily commentaries
  • Company-specific initiating research reports and results updates
  • Sector allocation and model portfolios
  • Integration of sector research with macro coverage of industries

Thematic Approach

Our firm’s research takes a thematic approach, focusing on disruptive or innovative technologies.

  • Industrial technology such as robotics, energy storage, space exploration, 3D printing
  • IT/Internet technology such as cloud computing, big data, wearable technology, crypto-currencies, the Internet of Things
  • Healthcare technology such as beyond DNA, bionic medicine, pharmaceutical innovation, stem cells, bio-inspired computing

Covered Companies Profile

Companies we follow are those with up to $1 billion market cap (average is $600 million) that have a double-digit growth rate objective. The 120 companies we track include:

  • Innovative/disruptive technologies (industrial, IT/internet and healthcare/life sciences)
  • Public companies based in Georgia, the most dynamic state in the Southeast, ranked in the top 10 nationally by GDP, GDP growth, population and personal income
  • Special situations/miscellaneous

Bespoke Research

We work closely with clients to provide timely research for customized and special projects on any security or investment aspect across the globe. Examples of bespoke research we have undertaken include:

  • Analysis of S&P 500 sub-industry groups with the highest and lowest correlation to oil, the dollar and emerging markets
  • Providing a report on a European holding company with several private companies in the portfolio

Daily Commentary: Morning Buzz

Created every weekday by our Equity Research team, Morning Buzz provides our clients with news updates and daily market behavior insights. The report contains both U.S. and Euro market comments and analysis; short-term technical analysis on important commodities, bonds and FOREX; as well as stock recommendations to shape investment decisions. Additionally, Morning Buzz updates activities of the IFS stock universe.           

Monthly Commentary: Market Insight

Our Equity Research Group’s Market Insight is a monthly publication that includes a market outlook with comments and analysis. Each issue also delivers a report on an individual sector, discussing areas of potential performance and risk. Additionally, it provides an overview of the IFS stock universe and ends with a model portfolio of an IFS covered stock.

Theme/Strategy Reports

The IFS Equity Research Group prepares proprietary theme reports to educate our clients about the background, size, current dynamics and future of specific concepts and industries.

Company Reports

IFS provides initiating coverage reports and results updates for 120 companies in its covered company universe.

Equity Research Team

Our Equity Research team consists of eight seasoned analysts, including a research-producing head of research, a strategist and two strategic consultants.



This assembled information is for information purposes only and is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell securities. Moreover, information provided is not intended to be used as a sole source of information on a specific company or concept.

IFS Securities, Inc., disseminates information to those who wish to receive it. Due to volatility within the markets mentioned, opinions are subject to change without notice. Information is based on sources believed to be reliable; however, their accuracy or completeness cannot be guaranteed. In general, bond and stock markets are volatile and no investment strategy, such as asset allocation and rebalancing, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values.

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