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Investment Banking

Sophisticated Investment Banking Resources

Our corporate finance team provides such services as equity, debt, and private placements, underwriting initial and secondary public debt, and arranging equity offerings. Our expert support for these projects includes detailed industry and financial statement analysis, preparation of relevant documents such as offering memoranda or presentations for boards of directors, assistance with due diligence, negotiating transaction terms, and coordinating legal and accounting issues.

We engage in the underwriting and origination of various types of debt instruments, including investment-grade debt for corporations, municipalities, agencies, and asset-backed securities. The flexibility and reach of our taxable fixed-income group allows us to place securities with “buy and hold” investors who bring enhanced value to these offerings in the marketplace.

IFS Securities focuses on expanding the ability of mid-sized institutional investors to meet the markets on their terms. The goal always has the same focus of successful completion of a capital markets project on your terms, on your timeline, and with ongoing attention to your needs.

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