The art of independent thinking. ™


IFS Research Analysts Provide Independent Opinions

In keeping with our mission of independent thinking, financial analysts in the IFS Research Division provide unique and thought-leading research that offers practical investment advice and invites discussions through educational elements. 

IFS Research offers global macro and financial markets analysis over various asset classes through proprietary daily and weekly commentaries, theme reports, sector allocation and model portfolios. IFS is currently integrating industry research in sectors such as technology and healthcare to focus on macro reports and customized company research from research analysts who have worked in the respective industry sectors. 

The goal of the IFS Research Division is to offer distinctive value to financial advisors and institutional clients through independent opinions and a variety of analysis tools to facilitate the most informed investment decisions.

Advisors affiliated with the IFS Advisor Network  can access third-party research through Raymond James as well as have the advantage of the knowledge of our in-house research analysts.